Unveiling the Secret of Forests: Rejuvenating Each Of Your Hair Follicle For Visible Hair Growth

By Farran J. Smith AUG 14, 2023
in Biotech

Hair loss is a problem that will affect a lot of us sooner or later in our lives. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. From some point of view, It’s nice of you to use your skull to reflect some light onto those regular humans with active and working follicles.

If you want to prevent becoming a huge skull-shaped reflector panel, you might have tried tons of methods. Take a view on this report.

Dr. Andrew from Stanford LAB spent more than 3 years to develop this device for giving a new choice to thin hair. Farran J. Smith,  the author of this article, is a journalists from CSHL.

Why He Tried New Field

When I first met him, he was just doing his research about Glaucoma. I couldn't believe this device is from him. Totally Different Fields I Think. And the reason why he started this project was just REDICULOUS:

When he went out for a trek with his friends Inky, they made a picture, which gave him a great reason for him to laugh at Inky's hair style. Inky's receding headline and thin scalp reflected the sunshine.

They continued their journey into the mountains and arrived at a barren area. Just two days ago, a forest fire had occurred here, and even now, there were still high-temperature heat waves.

But a phenomenon caught their attention. On the recently burned slope, numerous tender shoots had already grown, and strangely, they were even denser in the visible heat waves. After research, they found that the high-frequency ripples generated by the forest fire caused thermal shock, leading to increased cellular activity and accelerated plant regeneration.

This reminded him of his friend's scalp.

"His thinning hair instantly reminded me of that scorched land, seemingly lifeless. But how can we stimulate his scalp to grow new shoots?"

Since hair roots absorb nutrients like seeds and then sprout, perhaps a similar shock could achieve similar results. Therefore, he began searching for relevant information and found that the application of ultrasound in ongoing research could produce such effects.

Although the start was funny, he took this possible principle. He searched for related papers, made a report those days and applied for the "ComHair-X" project in Stanford laboratory.

Stanford Made It Further

Stanford took this project seriously, as hair loss is a big challenge people are facing. As per the American Hair Loss Association, 66.67% will begin to lose some of their lushness by the age of 35. By 50, approximately 85% have significantly thinning hair.

Therefore, a $5,000,000 project called "ComHair-X" headed by Dr. Andrew was set up to study the potential adverse effects and best methods of ultrasonic therapy to hair growth.

● Hundreds Of Ultrasound Frequency Groups

While there were already more studies on the application of ultrasound, the team still conducted experiments on a range of frequencies from infrasound to ultrasound to ensure obtaining the most efficient data.

Ultimately, in the high-frequency group of ultrasound, specifically between 20500-23000 Hertz, the cellular activation was the highest, with 97.83% of the cells recovering their vitality.

ComHair-X Came True

After 7-month research and development, Dr. Andrew and his team successfully created "ComHair-X" ultrasonic electric comb that stimulates scalp repair and hair follicle growth by sending steady ultrasound waves.

To test the first version device, they called for about 20 volunteers that mainly were 35-45 years old for first try. They used this comb every night for 180 days, and 17 of them successfully got new looks:

The using period cycle and successful rate didn't satisfy them, so they changed the ultrasound producing device.

● Stable Bioelectric Current From Piezoelectric Crystals

The team employs piezoelectric crystals to provide precise ultrasound frequency, ensuring optimal results. The crystal oscillator has been modified to be oven-controlled, guaranteeing the delivery of a safer and more stable ultrasound.

After 6 generation upgraded, they got the finally version. This electric comb is filled with the main ultrasound funtion and subsidiary scalp and tissue massage function, that can help with:

Promote Blood Circulation And Oxygen Supply Through Ultrasound

Cleanse Waste Cells On Sclap To Help Sing The Hair Root Life Cycle

Relax Scalp And Neck With Removable Massager To Prevent Hair Loss

Help Us From Each User

This team spent another 3 months to experiment this final generation, and the success rate of hair growth is amazing: 96.29% of the experimenters showed a good response. 99.74% of them got thicker hair with at least three times use per week. And those people who used it daily basically saw thicker, longer and stronger hair.

The most important point: no one got allergic reaction to this device and no one lost hair during the first-use period.

See what they actually said about ComHair-X.

Kenneth Boone who age of 41 submitted this photo on his journey with ComHair-X after using for 2 months. Congrats on the success!

"I would like to share my experience with ComHair-X. I have been using it for 8 weeks, and I'm really surprised at the results. My hair is fuller and thicker now; it's even longer than usual! Thank you so much for this amazing product!"

" I used the ComHair-X after each time I washed my hair, following the instructions to roll onto my scalp. I can say that the product does feel really nice on my scalp and makes it feel "awake". I used within 2 months I noticed a big difference but it’s worth it.  No more itchy or dry scalp feeling now!

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