Unveiling the Secret of Forests: Biomedical Engineer Turns to Nature for a Breakthrough in Hair Loss Treatment

By Johney J. Smith
in Biotech

Has hair thinning got you frustrated, even after a myriad of traditional supplements and remedies?  hope hair like THIS?

A biomedical engineer at Harvard University has found an unexpected inspiration from forest fires, potentially leading to a breakthrough in restoring hair to its former volume and glory.

Forest Comes To Her

Dr. Ava Simmons guaduated from Harvard University majoring in biomedical engineering. Her research focused on tissue regeneration and wound healing, often investigating unconventional methods.

Actually, She was burn to be a child of nature. Her parents, both wildlife biologists, instilled in her a deep appreciation for the environment from an early age. 

Ava would spend her childhood on long hikes and exploring the wonders of the wild, developing a profound connection with nature.

While conducting her research at Harvard, she would often indulge in long hikes through the nearby forests to clear her mind.

On one such outing, she noticed that despite the immediate devastation caused by forest fires, the forest always regenerated itself over time, with new plants sprouting rapidly.

Why Forest Restores So Fast

Forest fires create intense heat that engulfs the flora in the affected area, causing what is known as a "thermal shock." This shock disrupts the normal functioning of cells within the plants. In response, the cells go into a sort of 'overdrive', activating mechanisms that promote survival.

One consequence of this survival response is an increase in cellular activity. The plant cells multiply at a faster rate to replace damaged cells, which accelerates the overall growth of the plant. This explains why new plants sprout rapidly after forest fires, despite the initial devastation.

Her Mother Lights Ava

She saw the ever-growing energy of the forest and was suddenly reminded of her mother who had been battling hair loss for years.

Her mother had been losing her hair since she gave birth to her, and now the scalp was clearly visible at the top of her head. She has tried everything from hormone regulation, scalp stimulation, supplementation, and hair transplants, but nothing has really improved the condition of her hair.

The forest recovery led her to the hypothesis that:

Could a controlled similar "shock" increase cellular activity and stimulate hair growth?

This thought gave her great confidence to help her mother solve the boldness.

Harvard Made It Further

She collected previously read papers on the use of ultrasound in tissue regeneration and wound healing and rganize them into a detailed report. Ultrasound caused mechanical vibration at a cellular level, which was a form of "shock".

Harvard took this project seriously, as hair loss is a big challenge people are facing. As per the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds will begin to lose some of their lushness by the age of 35. By 50, approximately 85% have significantly thinning hair.

Therefore, a $5,000,000 project called "ComHair-X" headed by Dr. Ava was set up to study the potential adverse effects and best methods of ultrasonic therapy to hair growth.

Ultrasound waves have been found to stimulate biological processes that aid in healing and regeneration.  The cells increase their activity, resulting in accelerated replication and growth of new cells.

They applied it onto scalps and ultrasound waves can promote cellular regeneration and increase blood flow. The increased blood flow brings more nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles, revitalizing them and encouraging hair growth.

Furthermore, the ultrasonic waves help to remove dead skin cells and sebum deposits, clearing the path for new hair to grow.

ComHair-X Comes

Finally, her team developed an electric comb that stimulates scalp repair and hair follicle growth by sending steady ultrasound waves.

To create a more user-friendly therapy, they conducted experiments using various materials to produce ultrasound waves. Ultimately, they discovered that - Piezoelectric Crystal gave the best results.

To make the therapy more suitable for daily use and safe for the body, they used an oven controlled crystal oscillator, which delivers more stable and secure ultrasound.

ComHair-X Meet Us

Her mother volunteered to be the first to try it. After many hopeful attempts to no avail, she was on the verge of giving up. But the results were absolutely obvious.

Therefore, the lab started a product effect experiment and 98.59% of the experimenters showed a good response.

Kenneth Boone who age of 41 submitted this photo on his journey with ComHair-X after using for 2 months. Congrats on the success!

"I would like to share my experience with ComHair-X. I have been using it for 8 weeks, and I'm really surprised at the results. My hair is fuller and thicker now; it's even longer than usual! Thank you so much for this amazing product!"

"I used the ComHair-X after each time I washed my hair, following the instructions to roll onto my scalp. I can say that the product does feel really nice on my scalp and makes it feel "awake". I used within 2 months I noticed a big difference but it’s worth it. No more itchy or dry scalp feeling now!"

Upgrated ComHair-X Now!

The using data gave her and Harvard both more confidence. For better daily use and results, they adopted an all-in-one massage ultrasound design so that it can:

Dredge lymphatic circulation
Extend the life of hair roots

Recover split ends

Refresh scalp and body

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